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Nesia Junior is an Indonesian DJ and entrepreneur. Based on the dancing music prosperity in Indonesia, she maximizes her skill with explore many music genres on the dancing music scene, such as prog, prog france, soulful, nu disco, EDM, trap, hip hop, and RnB. Started from December 2012, she begins to start DJ on many numerous parties and events. On 2017, Nesia Junior peaked at number 37 on the 100 Top FDJ List.

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Nesia Junior
Early Life

Nesia Junior was born on September 27, in Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia and she started developing an interest in music at a young age, and her parents supported her interest.

Nesia Junior

During her early career, Nesia became coordinating with several young artists and helped her before her breakthrough. She launched her single hits such as Tissue, Papatong, This Vibe, My Bitch Bad, and others.

Nesia Junior
Music Genre

Regular Genre : House,Proghouse/Popprog, Trance,Elektro,PsyTrance Available Genre by request : Dutch,Breakbeat,Funkot, Drum & Bass, Techno, Dub Step

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